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What is to Debate?

It seems we are bombarded with everyone’s “sexual preference” today. I came across an interesting article on Charisma News (read article here) about the Rev. Thomas Ogletree. If you haven’t heard about him, he is an Ordained Minister within the United Methodist Church who, against church discipline, performed his son’s same-sex marriage ceremony. He was facing charges, but the UMC has back pedaled, saying a trial would bring “harmful polarization” to the denomination as they debate issue. Polarization? “What fellowship has light with darkness?”(NASB, 2 Cor. 6:14). This is where political correctness leads to when it invades the pulpit! We as Christians have a mandate to lovingly stand for what is declared in God’s Word. Why is it we have “debate” issues that are plainly spelled out for us in Scripture? I believe the fate of the UMC resides in how it answers the issue on gay marriage! Please read the article and pray for the UMC to stand with God on the issue of marriage. May they not bow to the idol of political correctness!

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