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The Trying Premier was AWESOME!!!

Have you ever been invited to be apart of something awesome? Well, I was privileged to play a small part in Bryce Carver’s awesome Christian short-film The Trying. The film is about Daniel, a young Christian, that is struggling to live out his faith due to trials and tribulations .The premier was held last Saturday at the Coffee High School Cafeteria. It was truly a unique experience and a tremendous success! I wanted to write this post for all my friends in ministry. I have only known Bryce for a few months, but his strong Christian faith is quite evident. I think it would be awesome for churches to get behind this film. You could show it at your church or youth group. Did I mention this young man is still in High School? So, I believe he could connect with your youth and inspire them to follow their dreams while serving the Lord. Watch the trailer below and feel free to contact Bryce through the Creative Corner Productions Fan Page on FaceBook! In Christ, Kevin W. Bounds

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