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The Fence

Upon the proverbial fence,

do you sing and dance?

Leaving your eternity at chance.

Lay hold of the salvation given.

Then you will truly start living,

the abundant life for which Christ’s blood was spilled.

Or are you on the fence, with a worldly tilt?

Today is the day to choose your ground.

Before you hear the trumpet sound.

It is time to place your faith in the One,

Jesus, God’s sole Son.

Upon the proverbial fence,

do you sing and dance?

Don’t be a hypocritical statistic,

it is time to get realistic.

Make a choice. Whom will you serve?

A gift of grace, nothing you deserve.

You can’t earn God’s love.

That’s why He descended from above.

God wrapped in human skin.

He walked in the shoes I am in.

Yet, without sin.

Crucified and buried, but the grave couldn’t hold Him in!

Ascending to the Father’s right hand to make a way,

to build a mansion for us to stay.

Has the god of this world blinded your sight?

It’s time to get right!

Bow your knees in prayer,

Are you broken?  He’ll meet you there.

He is the way, the truth, and the life.

Are your tired of all the pain and strife?

Be prepared for my last sentence…


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