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Could there be alternate universes? The concept of our universe being one of an infinite amount of universes caught my attention while reading Strobel’s A Case for the Creator. A multiverse has been the stuff of science fiction novels for a very long time. Growing up with C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia may have been the place I first imagined what other worlds would be like. The thought of other worlds has always intrigued me. In fact, I am in the process of reading Stephen R. Lawhead’s Bright Empire Series, where he utilizes the “many-universes theory” to create a fanciful quest to locate a map of the multiverse. But that’s science fiction, right?

Increasingly, many evolutionary scientist are arguing that a multiverse would diminish the anthropic principle (or the fine-tuning of our universe for life) and solidify Darwin’s theory of evolution. Lee Strobel writes, “

The argument can be summarized this way: ‘There could have been millions and millions of different universes, each created with different dial settings of the fundamental ratios and constants, so many in fact that the right set was bound to turn up by sheer chance. We just happened to be the lucky ones.[1]

Could this theory confirm the Copernicus Principle and reveal that our existence is really not that special? Does this circumvent the God-hypothesis?

Certainly, the “many-universes theory” cannot be ruled out empirically, but it cannot be proven either. In my opinion, we have evolutionists grasping at theoretical straws trying to negate all the scientific evidences for intelligent design. The philosophy of Darwin, not the science, has fueled this concept. It is a smoke and mirrors attempt draw attention away idea of creationism.

For fun, what if this theory is correct? Does it negate the need of a creator? Absolutely, not! World renowned philosopher and physicist, Robin Collins states, “Theist have nothing to fear from the idea that there may be multiple universes. There would still need to an intelligent designer to make all the finely tuned universe-generating process work.”[2] In other words, the futile attempt of evolutionary scientists would not evade the need for God, but would make God even more awe inspiring!

In conclusion, the idea of many universes is quite the notion, but the sci-fi nerd in me hopes it true! All logic and scientific evidence points to an awesomely creative God who set the earth and the heavens in order. The precise tuning of the Cosmos screams creation. The Apostle Paul wrote, “He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together (Col 1:17 NASB). Universe or multiverse HE still holds it ALL together! Now let’s see what happens next in Lawhead’s fantastical multiverse in the Bright Empire Series.

[1] Lee Strobel, The Case for the Creator (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2004), 170.

[2] Lee Strobel, The Case for the Creator, 177.

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