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Mama’s Wisdom

On December 17, 2001, I awoke to the sound of my mother’s voice as she made her seat on the edge of my bed. The morning light was mysteriously brighter. The air was fresher. Although, my surroundings were the same as the previous night, somehow I knew things were forever changed. They were new now.

With the new morning light thoughts of the church service from the night before flooded my mind. Joy began to bubble over in to my spirit. My mother softly interrupted the onslaught of my religious euphoria by saying, “Kevin, I need to tell you something. Something that is important.”

“What is it, Mama?”

She lovingly gazed at me and replied, “Kevin, I know you’re on cloud nine right now. You asked for the Lord’s forgiveness last night. Although, you feel “saved” this morning, there may come a day that feeling will wane. You must not go by your feelings. You must remember God’s promise to save all those who call on Him. Place your faith in His Word not your feelings.”

                I have come to find Mama’s words from that morning to be true. I have mentally revisited that night at the altar several times over the years. Like the ocean’s tides, the feelings have ebbed and flowed, but my faith has remained unshaken. I have rehearsed the wise words of my mother to most of the people who have come to faith under my ministry and will continue to do so. Put your faith in God’s Word and not how you feel.

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