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Halloween or Harvest Time?

Golden light filters its way through fiery leaves struggling to keep there grasp on life. You can smell the aroma of earth as farmers turn peanuts over for harvest. Hunters are seen with fluorescent orange vests, sipping steaming coffee, at crowded convenience stores in morning; heading to or returning from their tree-stands. Can you believe it’s already October in South Georgia, again?

This time of year brings images of pumpkins, candy corn, and fall festivals to the forefront of my mind. Also, it brings to mind the endless debate over whether or not Christians should participate in Halloween. I know people have strong opinions on this topic and I don’t want to down play their convictions. If your conscience won’t allow you to engage in any of the festivities, then by all means don’t! But personally, I think we have a prime opportunity to share our faith in creative ways!

Think about it! What other “holiday” (I use the term loosely) brings people to our front door? We could use this to our advantage.  Here are 4 ways we can see Halloween turned into a true “Harvest time” for souls:

  1.  Give “Testa-mints” or candy with Scripture on it. God said, “My Word will not return void”!!
  2. Give out glow sticks with the words, “Light of the World”, taped to it. As you distribute them, share the gospel message with all who receive them.     Also, this is a practical gift! It makes kids visible to traffic.
  3. Simply hand out gospel tracts to those who appear on your steps.
  4. Finally, pray over the kids as you put candy in their bags. Don’t be afraid… think about it, they’re on your porch! Pray for a safe and fun night for all.

Of course this is not an exhaustive list, but please share your idea(s) on how to redeem the Halloween season in the comments below!

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