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Hi, my name is Kevin Bounds. I’m a Christian minister, educator, and writer.

I live in South Georgia with my wife, Amber, and our two children.

Living in the Bible Belt, I grew up around the church. Although I professed faith in Christ in the third grade, I wasn’t grounded in my faith until I was 19.  About a year after rededicating my life to Jesus in December 2001, I accepted the call to pastoral ministry.

For almost sixteen years, I loved being Pastor Kevin. I loved serving the local church in the role of a shepherd. Nowadays I still get called Pastor Kevin occasionally, but most people I serve call me, Mr. Bounds. After receiving my B.S. in Bible and Theology in 2017, the Lord shifted me from pastoring a congregation to the teaching Bible and History in a Christian Secondary Education context.

 I’ve found that teaching allows me to focus on writing. Writing is something I’ve always done. I make no claims of greatness, but I’ve felt God would use my writing. Teaching also allows me to the ability to serve local churches as an itinerant minister.

– Kevin

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