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A Willing Heart

Moses spoke to all the congregation of the sons of Israel, saying, “This is the thing which the Lord has commanded, saying, ‘Take from among you a contribution to the Lord; whoever is of a willing heart, let him bring it as the Lord’s ]contribution: gold, silver, and bronze, …. 21 Everyone whose heart stirred him and everyone whose spirit moved him came and brought the Lord’s contribution for the work of the tent of meeting and for all its service and for the holy garments. 22 Then all whose hearts moved them, both men and women, came and brought brooches and earrings and signet rings and bracelets, all articles of gold; so did every man who presented an offering of gold to the Lord.(NASB, Exodus 35: 4-5;21-22)

The topic of giving can be a sensitive subject for many people. This is probably due to the fact we hold our treasures close to our heart. We can be hesitant to part with “our stuff” because they bring a sense of security with possessing them; even though, in reality it a false security.

Often, God calls us to give “our stuff” away, but He wants us to be willing to part with temporal means. He wants us to trust in Him to provide for our needs. He desires to be our security net. We need to be reminded that God doesn’t need “our stuff”! He only asks us to participate because He desire our hearts. Remember the saying of Jesus, “ for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (NASB, Mt. 6:21). Pray today that your heart will be willing to sacrificially give to the work of God.

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