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A Different St. Patrick’s Day!

Where are my people from? This question has plagued me for most of my life. Everyone that knows me knows I am a history nerd. Although, I could tell you about all sorts of historical happenings, I could not tell you my story. What was my family’s history?

In December, I took the first step of a journey, which I am still traveling, by ordering a DNA test from It was like waiting for Christmas morning while the test was processing. I imagined all sort of possibilities. Finally, the results came!

What were the results? Well, just say this St. Patrick’s Day is a bit difKiss Me I'm Irish_greenferent for me! I am mostly Irish! See for yourself here. As I mentioned, this is merely the start of a journey. I plan to research my family tree and see what kind of characters (and skeletons) are in it. I invite you to come follow along with me.

In closing, I how you have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!





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